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Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington

Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects
by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington

ISBN: 0-87542-185-7
Published 1993 by Llewellyn Publications

$10.00 US $15.50 CAN

This book has instructions to help create physical objects for specific magical purposes. This includes potpourris, mandalas, pentacles,plaques, candles, spell brooms, banners, witch bottles, etc.

Ok,we all know I love Scott Cunningham. And even if this book is 13 years old, I think there is a lot of good info in it. I also enjoy Cunningham's writing style. Some of the crafts may seem simple or childish, but even so, they can be a starting point used for inspiration to go on to other, similar, crafts. There is a list of suppliers in the back of the book that is probably very out of date,but most of us know enough about the internet to be able to find the supplies we want and/or need. There are also many spells in which to use the items you have crafted.

In my opinion, this book is a wonderful beginner book for the pagan who wishes to begin to make their own magical tools and objects instead of using items crafted by others.It can also be an inspiration for more experienced practitioners.

There does not seem to be a specific religious slant to this book. It is for the Wiccan and non-Wiccan pagan. And again, we all know that is what I prefer in a book.

Scott Cunningham wrote more than thirty books, both fiction and non-fiction. He practiced elemental magic for 20 years.

David Harrington has a long time interest in the mysteries of magic. Spell Crafts is the second book on which he collaborated with Scott Cunningham.

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