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TITLE: Evolutionary Witchcraft AUTHOR: T. Thorn Coyle

TITLE: Evolutionary Witchcraft
AUTHOR: T. Thorn Coyle
ISBN: 1-58542-347-5
Publisher: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin part of Penguin Group (USA) [2004]
Cost: 14.95 (USA) 21.00 (CAN)
302 pgs. (Includes Appendices and Index
Content: Evolutionary Witchcraft is basically a training manual for anybody who is interested in developing their own Divine potential. Using the tools from one of the most potent and mysterious traditions of Witchcraft practiced today and fully based and originated in America. Thorn offers the reader more than what is generally available on the subject of the Craft. Thorn focuses less on spells and esoteric symbolism, and goes more into detail about practical techniques that are designed to allow the practitioner to develop their own spirit. Through developing their spirit they learn and are able to strengthen their magickal power.
Using spiritual practice as a means toward personal evolution, Thorn guides the reader through a series of self-examining exercises which can be used as a step by step process extending through 10 months to a year. They are simple easy to read and understand and powerful for all their simplicity.
For practitioners of the Craft who are seeking for information on how to advance in their spiritual progress within the Craft, Evolutionary Witchcraft. Offers them access to that advancement. For those who are specifically interested in learning more about Feri tradition then this book holds the answers to your questions. Within the Maroon ‘faux’ leather looking covers you will find for your edification such things as:
• Casting the Feri Circle/Sphere
• The Three Souls
• Working with the Elements and the Guardians
• The Iron and Pearl Pentacles and their negative counter parts
• Working with the Gods of Feri
• The Black Heart of Innocence

Thorn issues through out this outstanding work an invitation to our wild, magical core. Offering to the reader a chance to change and connection with our own spiritual nature and the Divine. In changing ourselves, allowing the reader to sow the seeds that can also change the world. In seeking to connect the reader to their deepest selves, Evolutionary Witchcraft presents tools mastered by few, but in a manner that is accessible to both the seasoned practitioner and the newcomer. The reader only needs to bring a strong wish for change and a willingness to work. Using these tools from the Feri Tradition of Witchcraft, Thorn reveals how to become the strong and compassionate, fierce and generous, joyous and responsible human individuals that people have the potential to be.

Author T. Thorn Coyle holds the Black Wand of the Master, a title recognized by some lines (Mainly those directly licked back to the Andersons) of the Feri tradition and bestowed upon her by one of Feri's founders, Cora Anderson. T. Thorn Coyle is a Feri and Reclaiming priestess, as well as accomplished poet, dancer, and singer. She is in high demand as an international speaker and educator as she does world wide seminars on the spiritual tools of Feri.

Reviewer’s opinion of book:
T. Thorn Coyle writing remains consistent throughout and allows the reader to undertake a journey towards improving their spiritual nature while learning and coming to understand the basic concepts of the Feri tradition. (It should be noted that Reclaiming borrows a lot of the Feri teachings. This can lead the reader to an echo effect. Regarding the knowledge of the Reclaiming tradition or if the reader has read any of Starhawk’s works.) What T. Thorn Coyle offers is nothing short of a beautifully cohesive magical system.

Through out the book the focus is on the individual and their personal spiritual and magical growth, or evolution. While providing the reader with the tools necessary to transform into a self-aware person capable of manifesting the energy within. T. Thorn Coyle conveys the importance of recognizing and improving upon each aspect of our being to strengthen the whole as an individual.
This book emphasizes methods of change that create the catalyst for the reader to emerge from the chrysalis of transformation into the world with the ability to create change. Once reborn through the gift of hard work and understanding, the reader is provided with methods by which to manifest change through their intentions.
Additionally, T. Thorn Coyle should be commended for speaking of Wicca/Witchcraft as a modern tradition and evolving religion and not attempting to create a pseudo-historical approach it. She also provides some of the best advice that can be found within a published book regarding such topics as initiation and the search for a teacher. T. Thorn Coyle provides insight into the roles of dedication and study. The importance of interpersonal teaching, and the fact that initiation is not something for everyone. Moreover, that it is only performed when one has already been initiated, for it takes place when an individual makes the connection to the Gods.

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