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The Wiccan Rede Couplets of the Law, Teachings, and Enchantments’

Title: ‘The Wiccan Rede Couplets of the Law, Teachings, and Enchantments’
Author: Mark Ventimiglia.
Publisher: Citadel Press Kensington
LengthL (212pgs)
ISBN: 0-8065-2740-4
Cost: USA: 7.95/ CAN 11.95

This book is sold as being about the Wiccan Rede. An important poem that has been used for at least 32 years to help teach the ideals of ethical behavior within the Craft. ‘The Wiccan Rede’ does offer some interesting insights regarding the nature of the Rede, if not its history and origins. It also goes into a diatribe as to why Witches should be vegetarian. It has numerous flaws that can detract from the information the author is attempting to provide about the Rede itself. What detracts from the book is the complete lack of supporting information as to where the author gathered their information and therefore calls into doubt their research. The fact that the author stresses their connection to Raymond Buckland as a friend and student. Also leaves one to feel that the author is using the connection rather then doing their research to ensure that the information they are providing is valid and has merit for the modern and educated witch of today.

For all the interesting information in this little tome, I would sadly have to give it a C- for its ability to provide useful and helpful information. While the book has some interesting sections that have some small merit for helping the reader to come to an understand of the Wiccan Rede and there by the underlying ethics of the craft, it offer little else that will satisfy the educated. I would rather recommend to the reader the well written and researched work of Robin Wood in regard ethics and behavior. ‘When, Why…If.’ The book was published by Robin Wood Enterprises (January 1, 1997), ISBN: 096529840X.

In all The Wiccan Rede, is a nice little book with flaws in its text and research. So if you were thinking about picking it up for an addition to your magickal reference library. I humbly suggest you borrow it from your public library (assuming they have an occult section.) and enjoy it in that manner.

Silence Who is Wolf

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