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The Herbalist by Joseph E. Meyer

The Herbalist by Joseph E. Meyer

ISBN 0-916638-00-6
Published in 1918 by Meyerbooks, revised and updated by Clarence Meyer in 1960, this edition printed in 1993

This book includes sections on medicinal plants, plant vitamins and minerals, beverage teas, spices and flavoring herbs, colors for food and cosmetics, plant dyes for fabrics, botanicals for potpourri and sachets, dentifrices, gargles, cosmetics, smoke flavoring botanicals, botanical curios, and over 500 illustrations.

The outstanding aspect of this book, in my opinion, is the illustrations. It is the reason I bought the book. There are line drawings with some of the herb listings, there is a section which is totally color drawings and color photographs. To me, this part is invaluable.

The information is organized well. I like the way the sections are divided. This book is very easy to use.

The only thing that really bothers me is that there is no information on the author(s) and their background and/or training. However, on the back cover is a list of other books they have written. So, as with most other works of this sort, it probably wouldn't hurt to look in other books and see if other authors are in agreement.

Overall, an excellent resource.
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