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Herb Contraindications and Drug Interactions by Francis Brinker, N.D.

Herb Contraindications and Drug Interactions
By Francis Brinker, N.D.

ISBN 0-9659135-0-3
Published 1997 by Eclectic Institute, Inc.

Synopsis: Provides contraindications and drug interactions for 184 common therapeutic herbs. Also identifies in the appendices additional herbs relevant to: potential allergic responses, increased sensitivity to sunlight, urinary tract inflammation, intestinal absorption of medicines, sedative medicines, heart medicines, blood sugar levels, and pregnant and breastfeeding women (identifies herbs best avoided to protect their children.

In my opinion, this book is a must for anyone who uses or plans to use herbs for medicinal purposes. I have never seen this information in another book or when I buy herbs. I would think that not many people would know where to find this information. But, since the goal of herbal medicine is to feel and be healthy, this is information that needs to be known before a regimen is begun. This book is very useful to anyone who wants to avoid complicating their current condition and/or treatment.

Francis Brinker, N.D. is a 1981 graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. In addition, he completed the two year Postgraduate Studies Program in Botanical Medicine and taught Botanical Medicine until 1985.
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