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A Compendium of Herbal Magick, by Paul Beyerl

A Compendium of Herbal Magick
By Paul Beyerl

ISBN 0-919345-45-X
Published 1998 by Phoenix Publishing

Synopsis: 330 herbs covered in detail with over 100 illustrations. Sections include magickal classification of herbs, guide to the usage of magickal herbs, deities and magickal herbalism, and herbal correspondences with astrological associations for all herbs by planet and sign.

I personally love this book. It is straightforward and very informative. The information included comes from 20 years experience as a Master Herbalist.

In the listing of individual herbs there are two parts to the information. The first one is the lore of the herb. This includes historical uses of and beliefs about the herb. The next is modern magickal usage of the herb. This section makes up most of the book.

There is also a section which lists common names of plants as they correspond to the names used in the book.

Personally I find this book very useful. It is a great companion to a book that has the medicinal properties of herbs.

Paul Beyerl is the founder and also a priest in the Lothlorien branch of Wicca. In addition, he is a Master Herbalist, a Master Astrologer, and an educator in the fields of tarot, gem, and mineral lore.
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