January 27th, 2010


Please Be Advised

I want to say "you're welcome" to the people who have thanked me for starting this group. I hope it will be of benefit to everyone who joins and monitors. I also hope it becomes and stays relatively active.


I am asking everyone to please read the community info before submitting posts. Please. It is nothing personal. I don't really know you, so how can it be personal? And, I don't like being "mean". But... the whole premise of this community is Book Reviews.

So, while I'm sure the spells, charges, recipes, etc. that you have and want to share are wonderful and informative, this is not the place for them. There are several groups out there for that type of post. All posts to this group will be book reviews. Period. Well, except for this one. :)

I'm not trying to make anyone mad or want to leave. I just want this to be clear from the start. And, I don't feel I made it clear enough. So, I have added a little bit to the community info.

Thanks for joining the community. I do appreciate all of you.
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